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Riddle - Official Video
Directed by Alex Knudsen
Sleepover - Official Video
Directed by Justin Dickey
Villain - Live Acoustic




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Inspired by the quiet musings of troublesome love and the path to understanding, the emotionally evocative music of indie-folk singer-songwriter, Kyle Britton, epitomizes storytelling in its truest fashion. Britton’s distinctive sound combines undeniable dark undertones with roving melodies and atmospheric refrains, offering a unique experience for his listeners.


“Riddle”, the first of two singles, is a song detailing the demise of a poisonous love affair and the enduring pain that follows. “Never able to accept love again, every man who she came across from then on was in for a world of pain and heartbreak”, confides Britton. As the song builds, the Belle Epoque-inspired strings render the listener to a melodic montage.


On “Villain”, Britton successfully demonstrates diversity as both a lyricist and performer. The dramatic self-confession, encapsulates its audience through the use of defiance against typical folk arrangements, opening us up to our ‘villainous’ side.


Britton enlisted help from Los Angeles’ most seasoned musicians including Kyle Crane on Drums (Daniel Lanois, Elle King) and renowned violist, Ginny Luke (Rihanna, Dave Matthews Band). Famed engineer, Darryl Swann (Macy Gray), made sure to highlight Britton's warm and natural vocals.


Perhaps it was growing up in a military family which led to Britton's desire for non-conformity and individuality. Britton expressed on his father's influence "I grew up with my dad telling me that if music is not evoking an emotional response it's not doing its job."  The EP is a demonstration of Britton’s continuous hard work towards his childhood dream. His natural dedication has led him from ‘fake-playing’ his 7-year-old rendition of Def Leppard’s ‘Pour some sugar on me’ to creating an EP that actively analyzes his decisions in life, whilst convincing us to do the same.


Riddle - EP is available now worldwide!

"Britton’s soul-packed voice drips with feeling."​

-  Tam Sackman | All Things Go

"Britton has a powerful, mesmerizing croon, which burns with love and fury, allowing him to inject the energy of rock into an instrumental, old-world folk-sensibility."​

-  Elmore Magazine

"Folk music is all about honesty, engaging stories and music standing for something.  Britton’s latest single “Villain” may as well be a case study for all of the qualities previously mentioned."

- PopMatters

"American musician Kyle Britton has a penchant for taking traditional folk techniques and turning them upside down to create colourful compositions that subvert the usual expectations surrounding the genre. The vigorous vibe of the upcoming compilation’s latest single, “Villain”, certainly proves that his approach to making music is intriguingly original. Wonderfully whimsical folk/rock that’s packed with plenty of personality and passion. Its slick idiosyncratic style should succeed in winning over a wide audience.""

-  Dave Simpson | Pure M Magazine

"Kyle Britton is an exciting songwriter whose material is fresh, sensitive, rootsy, catchy. His natural charisma comes through in the music, opening an intriguing window into a familiar perspective in a refreshing way. On the verge of being on the level of the world’s greats, Kyle Britton could become a one-of-a-kind, big-time act."

-  Tim Reid | Music Connection Magazine

"Indie-folk singer Kyle Britton has released his evocative new single ‘Villain’ a track that would slide into a Tarantino film with utter ease, in fact the song was almost designed to be in one of his films. ‘Villain’ is an infectious track that is bursting with gunslinger attitude whilst Britton’s vocals float over the top in his gritty tradition, the self reflective lyrics are a dark insight into who Britton is and it is mighty alluring."​

-  Kieran Webber | Clunk Magazine

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